Les Twins Exclusive Interview About Dancing For Beyonce

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French dancers Les Twins were not schedule to attend World of Dance Tour NYC but they graced us with their presence.  They spent most of their time in the Brooklyn Tech hallway taking pictures with fans and entering playful dance battles.  They seemed overwhelmed by how many fans wanted pictures and autographs.  The NYC crowd showed them so much love and gave them a good workout because they were drenched in sweat by the end of the night.  I wasn’t expecting to see Les Twins or do any interviews so I didn’t bring the best camera.  When I saw Laurent on my way out I knew it was either now or never. We also had a brief conversation about the dancers who used their routine on “So You Think You Can Dance” auditions.

Larry, Denise of TheTurnMag.com and Laurent of Les Twins

The crew on “So You Think You Can Dance” copied your routine and now everyone’s wants them to get kicked off.

Laurent: Nobody knows how hard we work. It’s not like today all the dancers who know me, I stop (say hello) no, because I walk like a bad guy, like him, like him, like him (he points to the guys from Mos Wanted Crew)

These guys are the real deal.

Laurent: He’s a real good dancer, he works 24 hours.  I don’t want to stop too, I work 24/7.

How did you get on the Billboard Awards?

Laurent: Billboard Awards….

One of the guys from Mos Wanted ask if he touch the booty

Laurent: (Turns Around) Of Course

Mos Wanted Crew: OHHH (laughing)

Laurent: For Dance, for Dance, I respect her, I respect Jay-Z and I don’t want no problems with her.

Laurent: Before that I see Beyonce on T.V. hear her songs and I never said “this girl is really good’.  When you watch her live or in the studio she dances 100%.  (He was trying to explain that he gained more respect for her when he saw how hard she works and dances in person.  He also liked when she fell on stage because she got back up and started dancing.)

What happened the first time you met Beyonce?

Laurent: First time I see her is for the video Run The World (Girls) video set.  I come there 4 hours later (he missed his fight).  I’m like shit I’m too late (he feels she gonna be mad and not want to see them).  I go there, I see her, when she sees me she says “You’re Les Twins”.  She says “Oh my God I love your style”, she didn’t say she loves me, she said she “love you all”, she love my dance….. and I dance for her.  When I see her first time in the studio dance, Oh My God, when she walks (he goes on to describe her presence).

Where Is the Les Twins going next?

Laurent: No, I stay in the U.S. for four years, I’m from Paris and I’m never in Paris (Russia, Japan, Taipei, Australia).  Everywhere like him (points to Lando Wilkins of Mos Wanted Crew)

Laurent: You’re not from New York.

Lando Wilkins of Mos Wanted Crew: No, I’m from Long Beach/San Diego

Laurent: He never stays there

Laurent: I love my country, I love Paris.   I left my family for four years for the tour for the movies for everything.

Doesn’t your mother miss you?

Laurent: I want to see my niece, I miss my niece, my niece is beautiful, and do you want to see her (he shows us a video of the baby on his phone). Don’t pick my phone (I think he meant don’t steal his phone number).

My brother ask if that’s his sister’s or brother’s child

Laurent: Oh my God, I have a lot brothers and sisters. I never take the class (dance class) in my life never, I dance (He just watches his brothers and sisters dance).

Who dances better you and your Twin or someone else in your family?

Laurent: Today my brother is better than me.

We all go crazy over how pretty his niece is.

Laurent: She’s really pretty, I told you.  Don’t pick my phone girl.

Don’t worry I won’t, you trying to steal my number.

Laurent: I love her (his niece)

What’s her name?

Laurent: Eloane

Laurent: Eloane knows I love her

You guys love kids.

You guys have a lot of brothers and sister.

Laurent: You don’t know how much I have the brothers and sisters; you don’t know how much I have the nieces and nephews.

A lot of girls love you, that’s why I’m making this video.

Laurent: Oh God!

Laurent: New Style

You did her hair

Laurent: No, this is my sister’s baby

He shows us another video of his niece, his sister is putting her hair in a Mohawk.

Laurent: It’s O.K, It’s O.K, this is my phone O.K. (pulls his phone back jokingly)

Sorry, Sorry

Laurent: I’m gonna go back and dance, I’m in World of Dance New York!

How can we find you?  You guys don’t have a Tour List we have to search for you,  Follow You and Stalk You!.

He turns to my brother and says “she ask too much questions, I don’t know her, she ask me all the questions.

Laurent: Stop it!


Laurent: Stop it!


Laurent: I’m joking with you

I know everybody online wants to know answers to these questions. I’m making this video even though I’m talking a lot, everyone gonna say thank you for asking those questions.

Laurent: Ahhhh!

Where is your family from?

Your family is from the Caribbean.

Laurent: Yes, the Caribbean, Guadeloupe


Laurent: Not Guadalupe, Guadeloupe!

Laurent: Not Guadalupe, Guadeloupe!

That is the Caribbean, it’s a small island.

Laurent: West Indies

You dance like you’re from the West Indies.

Laurent: I don’t dance like everybody, Don’t say that

Laurent: Half the time I dance like the guys from Jamaica

You dance like you’re from Jamaica.

Laurent: The style like a Shake (not sure what he said) like you don’t care, the guys in Guadeloupe dance like that too.

What next for Les Twins?

Laurent: Beyonce Tour in London and France

You gonna be on the Tour.

Laurent: Yes!


Laurent: In five days I leave New York for London

For Beyonce’s Tour

Laurent: Beyonce’s Tour

Beyonce’s Tour

Laurent: Beyonce’s Tour

Say it again

Laurent: Beyonce’s Tourrrrrrr!




The video is very poor quality but I tried to ask questions the fans would want to know. He was very sweet and open about meeting Beyonce and his family (he showed me a video of his niece).




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  1. Constance Jones

    I love their style of dance. Their fun and creative. Everytime I see them dance something new happen like they create a new form of dance. I get a magical feeling when I see them perform. Les Twins are so cool. Their very sexy and attractive. I wouldn’t mind getting to know them and maybe settle down with them in Paris or Gaudeloupe.

  2. Constance Jones

    I love their style of dance. They are so creative and different. It seems as if everytime I watch them they form a new style of dance. I Get this feeling of magic when they dance. They are so cool. I wish them all the success and happiness. They are very sexy and attractive. I don’t mind getting to know them and maybe settle down with them in Paris or Gaudeloupe.

  3. I love how they actually show the love and admiration for each other, it something that it unfortunately often not seen enough.

  4. I love watching these guys.Everytime I watch them I Kant help but smileThey be making me wanna get up and jam.I love their closeness and dey r in sink wit each other.And omg they r so fine.Simply amazing…

  5. Terri Lynn Southerla

    I find great joy in watching these beautiful young men ( inside and outside) dance and interact with each other and the young people around them. Such hard workers and caring human beings. God bless and keep them. Extremely talented.

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